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    I hold a breadth of degrees and training spanning the realms of neuroscience, ethnobotany, medicine, and the culinary arts. I spend my time wearing many hats, including that of an activist, of a healer, and of an educator. I hike, I wildcraft, I geek out on molecules, and I try my best not to take myself too seriously... I am a master chocolatier and chocolate maker, and am currently working on several projects inspired by my passions for cacao, ethnobotany, and social entrepreneurship.


  • chocolate alchemy

    chocolate = tree = plant = salad.


    At Endorfin, we formulate each of our recipes from scratch using the highest quality cacao we can find, employing just the right amount of whole food sweeteners, spices, & essential oils to let the brilliance of the ingredients speak for themselves. We never adulterate or dilute our products with anything that would cheapen or minimize the vitality-promoting aspects inherent to our unique style of processing, hence the lack of any dairy, soy, or refined sugar in anything we create. In essence, our products unite our old school purist ethos with modern technology & craftsmanship, resulting in a timeless picture of indulgence that is intrinsically sustainable and nourishing to the soul.


    Our flagship offering is a line of chocolate bars sweetened with coconut sugar and caramelized coconut "mylk", a new & unique style of chocolate that combines the familiar meltdown & smoothness of milk chocolate with the low sugar / high cacao content focus of dark chocolate. These bars are a synthesis of the best of both worlds altogether in one wrapper.


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    My Community Supported Chocolate subscription box features a mouthwatering assortment of chocolates crafted to nourish the mind & invigorate the senses on a monthly basis. Every month I ship subscribers new, limited edition dark chocolate bars & confections w/ origins & ingredients too rare or exotic to offer on a large scale. 


    These chocolate subscription boxes are my conduit for creativity and expressing my craft as an art form. This was the first project I launched w/ Endorfin when I started the company back in December 2013. Today I have subscribers scattered all over the country that get their own stash of healthy chocolates & confections delivered to their door on a monthly basis. 


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  • make friends with plants

    ...connect with nature

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    Wildcrafted Cocktails & Mixology Instructor

    As a former instructor at ForageSF, I taught students and workshop attendees how to identify wild plants & weeds, harvest them sustainably, and use them to craft their own cocktail bitters, syrups, vermouths, and more. We made delicious drinks, smelled & tasted wild plants, and had a great time doing it.



  • other projects i've worked on

    We Are Symbiosis

    My study of plants, fungi, & humanities' relationship with the natural world has fascinated me as long as I can remember. I was honored to be featured by the folks at Symbiosis Gathering as a living example of a person embodying the concept of symbiosis. In this clip you'll see a short glimpse into my daily life, from wildcrafting plants to crafting my next batch of chocolate in my chocolate laboratory.

    Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies

    I spent four amazing years with this cutting edge organization. I helped the org grow from a handful of employees working in an attic to the internationally recognized vanguard of psychedelic science that it is today. I produced charity events and conferences, carried out educational and marketing campaigns, established a social media presence that reaches hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide, and raised countless dollars for research, education, and administration.



  • inspiration

    tidbits of inspiration worth sharing

    On Interspecies Communication.

    Paul Stamets speaks to the concept of natural intelligence, and the necessity for humanity to learn how to better communicate within the ecology of the planet.

    On Preserving Indigenous Wisdom.

    "We are living through a time when virtually half of humanities' intellectual, social, and spiritual legacy is being allowed to slip away. This does not have to happen." ~ Wade Davis

    On Health & Healing.

    Patch Adams, the famed doctor-superhero-clown, speaks about market capitalism in medicine, and the place of compassion, humility, and complementary care in modern medicine. 

    What If Money Were No Object?

    A lovely reflection on doing what truly makes you happy, and casting aside the idea that money buys happiness. 

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